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Richard Arnold
104 Mountain View Court
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-2188
Phone: (925) 825-3784

About Our Products

BUGGY Database
Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd. has assembled a computerized database of approximately 300 endangered, candidate, and rare invertebrates that occur in California. Modeled after the State of California's Natural Diversity Data Base (CNDDB), the BUGGY database focuses and expands upon insect and other invertebrate information for California species, and also includes information on some species that occur in other parts of the western United States.

Reports based on species and/or locality searches are available for purchase. [see BUGGY]

We have developed a DOS-based computer program for the analysis of capture-recapture data of open populations. This program is available at no charge.

Scientists, wildlife managers, and consultants use CAPTABLE to analyze data sets from population studies of small and large mammals, reptiles, and insects. The program has proven to be a beneficial analytical tool for biologists engaged in original scientific research, and for those working in applied areas, such as the management of wildlife and conservation of endangered species. [see CAPTABLE]

We helped to create CODA, the California Oak Disease and Arthropod host index database. CODA is a comprehensive, computerized compilation (from over 300 published and unpublished sources) of the many agents, both arthropods and microorganisms, that affect oaks in California. It was created to increase communication and understanding about potential oak pests and diseases in California.

The database and its access program were originally developed for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Phytosphere Research does updating, maintenance, and distribution of CODA. Please see Phytosphere Research's web site for further information about CODA and how to obtain it. [http://phytosphere.com/coda/]

Photo by: R.Arnold
Delta Green Ground Beetle

Photo by: R.Arnold
Mission Blue Butterfly

Photo by: R.Arnold
Larva of Mission Blue Butterfly

Photo by: R.Arnold
Bay Checkerspot Butterfly