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About Our BUGGY Database

Although endangered and threatened species of insects and other invertebrates have protection under U.S. federal law, State of California laws currently do not allow insects and invertebrates to be protected. The State of California's Department of Fish and Game maintains the California Natural Diversity Data Base (CNDDB), which includes information on rare plants, animals, and habitat types [ http://www.dfg.ca.gov/whdab/html/cnddb.html ]. Given the lack of state legal protection for invertebrates, information about some rare insects and other invertebrates in the state's CNDDB is limited.

Noting this situation, Entomological Consulting Services, Ltd. created the BUGGY database, modeled on the CNDDB, to improve upon and make available information about insects and other invertebrates. Our database focuses primarily on California's rare, endangered, and threatened insects and other invertebrates, but additional species from other portions of the western United States are also included. About 300 taxa are included at this time.
The BUGGY database includes locality records, background information, and relevant literature citations for each species. The sources for these data include label information from specimens housed in institutional and private collections; records published in scientific literature; and unpublished observations or reports.

A variety of reports can be generated by the BUGGY database. For example, it can be searched by taxon name, locality, county, or USGS quad to prepare a report of occurrences. BUGGY is linked to a geographic information system (GIS) to prepare maps of occurrences.

Please contact us for information about obtaining BUGGY reports. [Home]

Sample Labels View in BUGGY

Photo by: R.Arnold
Callippe Silverspot Butterfly

Photo by: R.Arnold
Mission Blue Butterfly

Photo by: R.Arnold
Delta Green Ground Beetle